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Village Sunset Tour:  

Villeneuve les Avignon

south spirit bike tours avignon

30 €

Full price

26 €

Reduced fare

between 14 & 22

everyday sunny days


to sunset


In and around Villeneuve les Avignon

The Village Tour will reveal you the best panoramas you can ever get on Avignon and Villeneuve les Avignon. Get to know what the village is really made of. Surprisingly with an ebike you will get you much easier to the top of the village. If you like discovering nice points of views in the countryside this tour is for you.


included on this tour:

Electric Bike

Water Bottle

Sunset Tour Highlights 
Village Tour info

- Don't forget to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled departure

- bottle of water included in your booking

- fun and safe journey with us !

- Comments in French & English

-Reduced Fare only for kids between 16 and 21 years old.

- For a Private Tour we propose to do the pick up in front of your hotel contact us for more info

- In case, we provide helmets, and rain coats.

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