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historical tour south spirit
City Tour

Full Experience of the walled city & the village of Villeneuve les Avignon:  the inner city, monuments and historical facts. 3H of visit with dense explanations about the city.


Guided tour                3H                                       Local Tasting              

Village Tour

The way  out to the other side of the river into the countryside parts around and the most to see village of Villeneuve. 


Guided tour                 2H                                 

Sunset Tour

Same as the Village Tour.Ride to the peaceful village of Villeneuve les Avignon with its beautiful countryside and medieval monuments. The best panoramic views hidden around the village will be revealed. 


Guided tour                 2H           

Private Personalized Tour!

You wish to go on a countryside and/or Avignon adventure with your family or friends and you want to get your local guide. Have the perfect bike journey worry-free.   Contact us

1/2 Day           1 Day

Guided tour               Hiking e-bikes                                  

rain coat provided



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